Prospero brings theatre and technology together in a unique and brilliant way.

It makes digital engagement easy. Build your own media-rich online learning resources in minutes, with ease. Expand your audience.

Active not passive

Because it brings theatre and technology together seamlessly, Prospero’s approach is always creative, kinaesthetic and inspiring.

For everyone

Whether you are a theatre, university, gallery, museum, musician, author or artist, Prospero works for you. Prospero connects smartphones, controls tablets, curates the web, uses virtual reality, drones and organises collaboration. Because it’s online you can reach potentially vast audiences with ease and at little cost.

Smartscripts: At scale, at distance

Prospero enables anyone to create and distribute their own interactive resources, learning materials and online stories. These Smartscripts work at scale and at distance, transforming the way you can reach people with your work. You can reach potentially vast audiences with ease and at little cost.

The World Wide Web is a stage

If you are a theatre, Prospero can author and distribute drama and workshops to support your programme, education and engagement activities. If you are a writer, Prospero offers you new ways to tell stories and publish them.

Curate the web

If you are a museum or gallery, Prospero will digitally curate your collection into media rich tours and guides, bringing art and artefacts to life, at distance for audiences anywhere in the world.

Make and share

For music, Prospero can support work in composition, voice and instrument tuition. Collaborate with musicians from other cultures and traditions.

A library, an exhibition, in repertoire

Smartscripts can become part of our growing online Prospero presence, made available for schools, universities and audiences around the world. You can keep your Smartscripts private or be part of this growing community of users with all the benefits this scale and visibility can bring.

Transform classroom learning

If you are a school, Prospero puts you in touching distance of a wealth of arts practitioners and collections through its authoritative Smartscripts. Or you can use it as a digital lesson planner, building your own for use in your institution.

Practice and research for universities

If you are a university Prospero is a powerful platform for engaging with practitioners and academics around the world. You can author and publish your own work to share with others.

A toolkit for practice and assessment

Students use Prospero to integrate digital technology into their theatre or arts practice, experimenting, testing and learning with its user-friendly interface and innovative cross-platform tools. It’s the perfect tool for assessment.

Prospero in action

Prospero is created by C&T, world leaders in mixing creativity and technology. See how C&T is using Prospero as part of its applied and educational theatre work to explore and dramatise journeys of migration: Push/Pull.

Inspiring students, training teachers

For two hours C&T work with students and teachers at Royal Central School of Speech and drama in London, introducing Prospero and Push/Pull, enabling people young people across the world to tell their stories of migration.

Tutorials and expert guidance

In New York City schools and students use Prospero to gain new skills in documentary research, discovering stories of migration in their communities.

Modelling and demonstrating best practice

In Nairobi, Kenya, young people use Prospero on their smartphones to learn new techniques and skills in drama to bring these stories to life.

Online collaboration

Prospero offers students tools and platforms to share these finished stories, through a unique Push/Pull web app, created in Prospero.